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Emotional Body™ Course

Monday, June 11 to Friday, June 15, 2018

on the University of North Carolina, Asheville campus

Plan to come and stay for the week while you learn this incredible life-changing method, and all it can do for you and your profession.

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You are an emotional body. You were born with a body primed and ready to express your needs through emotions, and they influence all you feel, think, do, and say. Everything you encounter triggers your emotions, and then influences your health, relationships, perspective and perception of the world.

By learning more about emotions and developing skills to sense how they emerge and express through your body, you can become more adept at self-regulating emotions, managing how you express them, and consciously shifting from undesirable emotional states to more desirable ones.

The lessons in this course, and its accompanying book, provide detailed information on a remarkable physical approach to emotion regulation. The Emotional Body™ uses physical patterns discovered in scientific research, and an instructional style informed by extensive research, somatic education theory, and more than ten years of development.

Receive 30 hours of instruction on physical emotion regulation using the emotional effector patterns, and various somatic education methods, including lessons in the Feldenkrais Method® to increase somatic sensing awareness and learning. This course will provide somatic tools for calming, centering, de-stressing, and neutralizing emotions. In addition, participants will learn to access, embody, control, and release emotions easily, without psychological methods. All six emotional effector patterns will be taught, as well as neutral and step out.

Certified Instructors: Laura Bond (CL5 Alba), Jessica Beck (CL5 Alba & Feldenkrais certified), Lavinia Plonka (CL4 Alba & Feldenkrais certified) plus additional CL2-CL3 Alba certified teaching assistants.

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Previous Workshops Taught by Laura Bond

“Everything is given to us, it is in us; all the cues of what is happening are present, but we do not see them.  If we just stopped for a moment and observed …all and each are very precise signs of internal states – maybe we would not live so confused and ignorant about our feelings and emotions, we would more easily acknowledge what happens with us and with others.  We could therefore live with less misunderstandings and be happier.” 

~ Susana Bloch, internationally recognized research psychologist who specialized in neurophysiology and psychophysiology, and the creator of Alba Emoting.

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