Have you received training from Laura Facciponti Bond on Alba Emoting (Alba Method)?  If so, and if you would like to contribute a testimonial of the training on this web site, you are invited to add your testimonial by posting a comment at the bottom of this page.

Testimonials sent to Laura Facciponti Bond via email and workshop evaluations:

From Jessica Beck, London, England – Author of Routledge Press article, Alba Emoting and Emotional Melody, in Theatre,Dance and Performance Training, Vol I, Issue 2, Sept 2010, PhD Candidate for Emotion Studies in Theatre (degree expectation 8/11), Professional Director, CL3 Certified Alba Emoting Instructor

“Laura Bond is one of the premiere instructors of the technique Alba Emoting, a system of activating and understanding the physiological components of emotional patterns. There are only a handful of certified Alba Emoting instructors worldwide and Bond has been at the forefront of disseminating this technique by setting up and running intensive courses on a regular basis not only in the United States, but in the United Kingdom, Canada and Mexico as well.  Apart from in Chile, where the technique was developed, Alba Emoting has been primarily used as a tool for actors, but Bond has been striving to change that. Her teaching approach makes Alba Emoting accessible not just to actors, but to professionals such as psychologists, ontological coaches, social workers, or any person looking to find a better understanding of emotion through the physiological patterns. Through Bond’s teaching method, Alba Emoting can be easily applied to any profession or simply for personal use in one’s everyday life. Bond has also been the first Alba Emoting instructor to actively integrate Alba Emoting with the Feldenkrais Method, a form of somatic education, which enables participants to experience Alba Emoting on a deeper level.”

From Roxane Rix, Certified Alba Emoting Instructor and Trainer (CL5), and Associate Professor of Theatre at Kutztown University of PA.

“Laura Facciponti Bond has been a driving force in promoting and expanding understanding of Alba Emoting.  She was the first to videotape a training course and interview its participants, runs a web site and blog as well as contributing to the official web site for Alba Emoting North America, and has forged a new path for the work by offering courses integrating the work with other known techniques.  She was recently awarded Certfication Level 5 for her teaching, a distinction shared by very few others in the US.”

From Dr. Susana Bloch, founder of the Alba Emoting technique, CL6 Certified

“Laura  is highly qualified and competent both in using as well as in teachingAlba Emoting .  She is a very persistent, studious, intelligent, ethical and reliable person, who has attained a perfect understanding of the power and significance of my work,

I first, met her in 2004 when she came to one of my workshops in New York, attracted by this new approach to the   complex subject of emotions, a subject so important for her work in teaching and directing actors.  After the workshop we arranged for her to come to Chile during her sabbatical in order to learn under my direction the basis, values, practice and teaching ethics of Alba Emoting.

She has since given many workshops in the USA, Canada and England and written several texts about  the method.

I particularly  acknowledge and appreciate Laura Facciponti´s long time continuous interest and dedication to Alba Emoting , and fully trust her.”

“I found the Alba method to be both personally & professionally transformative. It’s been an excellent addition to my professional coaching practice and now shows up in all my coaching sessions in some form. Whether it’s vehicle for establishing coaching presence, demonstrating active listening, creating awareness or designing actions & practices, I believe this is a powerful method to assist clients in observing their emotions and shifting them.”

~ from Deanne Prymek, PCC, Newfield Network Director of Programs

“Alba Emoting combined with The Feldenkrais Method: is completely “somatologic”!  For movement, The Feldenkrais Method promotes ideas like reversibility, awareness, intentionality, degrees of freedom, availability to move in any direction, availability to change the direction without preparation, finding neutral…. Alba Emoting proposes exactly the same ideas specifically applied to the realm of emotional movements.

I have particularly appreciated the maturity and sensitivity of Laura Facciponti, navigating emotional expression with such respect for every person’s process and with such precision for every emotion covered.  I have particularly appreciated the responsivity and creativity of Odette Guimond guiding Feldenkrais lessons and applying the Feldenkrais way and the Feldenkrais lessons to learning Alba Emoting. Both facilitators have an unequivocal commitment to the process of learning how to emote authentically with awareness,  making their workshop an authentic form of somatic education. I recommend it to anyone interested in discovering how to become more clear and more expressive in the emotional realm… which could include a lot of us.”

From Yvan Joly, Feldenkrais Trainer and Psychologist, Montréal, Québec, Canada.  www.yvanjoly.com


From Odette Guimond, Montreal, Quebec, Canada —Feldenkrais Instructor, Professional Actor and Acting Teacher, CL3 Certified Alba Emoting Instructor

“I came to know and appreciate Alba Emoting in a Mexico workshop through Laura’s personality, feeling an immediate affinity with her teaching style.  As a Feldenkrais practitioner, I recognized Laura’s teaching style to be so complimentary to my own philosophy of teaching that I continued to study the technique with her in Asheville, and then in London.  Soon afterwards I invited her to come to Montreal, as a visiting teacher in my own private drama school of continuing education. There, under her supervision and guidance, for three intensive workshops over two years, we worked together as a team.  I became an assistant teacher of Alba Emoting, while also pursuing my own research about the possibility of a Feldenkrais and Alba Emoting synthesis.”

“Today I did a two-hour nuclear ‘stress’ test for my heart, which had me in a big scan machine twice, as well as on the treadmill.  What I did was use my alba 1a breathing and facial method to create tenderness, smile and relaxation.  It came out great, and I was so mellow I almost fell asleep smiling.”

From Milt Simon, CL1 Certified Alba Emoting Practitioner


From participants of the 2016 Body of Emotion Workshop in Asheville, North Carolina:


This was an extremely well organized, expertly given workshop.  I had no idea there would be so many teachers and it was utterly exhilarating to have access to so many brilliant minds, and ideas from all over the world, no less. It was amazing to have that kind of teacher/teacher assistant to student ratio. (Stephanie Dean, Assistant Professor of Theatre)

I feel a new versatility in emotional expression, and an assurance for new creative projects. (Owen Allen, Physiotherapist & Inclusive Dance/Theatre Facilitator)

Alba is like the actor’s base or scale. It’s an essential component of the actor’s toolbox and should be incorporated into any serious actor training program. (Anonymous testimonial from workshop participant)

The Alba Emoting workshop was the most amazing, ‘eye-opening’ experience that has been beneficial to my life and career. Although aware of emotions, being able to affect them in a controlled manner has given me the skill to finally feel my own reactions to situations, but also understand how a character I am playing also feels. Thanks for such a great experience and allowing me the new knowledge to connect with my body and emotions. (Thomas Berry, Theatre Arts Professor)

It was a wonderful experience and workshop. The alba/Feldenkrais training, as taught by these instructors, feeds the soul as well as my professional practice and personal development. New insights come with discussions, training, and building on previous layers of experience for continued growth and development. Thank you, to all, for your time and devotion to teaching these practices with such care and dedication. (Catherine Dietrich, Acting and Dance Instructor)

It’s been a delight! The instructors are all dear people who I am proud to know. The work…works! I found tools and exercises that I will definitely use with my students who are confronting, or are wrapped up in, deep emotions. I really enjoyed experiencing the personal development track this year & had a significant and healing emotional experience. The work for actors is powerful and liberating. Thank you! (Dana Smith, Professor of Theatre)

I feel special, informed and ready to do more with Alba and Feldenkrais! (Jackie B. Daniels, Associate Professor of Theatre and Communication)

This workshop really allowed distinctions that were incredible for the work I do. I have tools and skills that were beyond my wildest expectations. I loved storytelling from the Alba perspective. (Jean Griffis, Coach)


From participants of the 2013 Summer Alba Emoting Worskhop in Asheville, North Carolina:

“Laura is an extremely skilled and sensitive teacher and coach.” Tom Stroud, Associate Professor of Theatre and Film, Canada

“I learned new and exciting things about myself in the process of getting in touch with how to call upon these emotions at will.” Zachary McClaskey, Actor in Georgia

“Laura is an exceptional teacher – the perfect combination of the knowledgeable authority in her field and a winsome guide and coach who safely takes you to new discoveries without any criticism or condemnation. She provided a safe learning environment.” Timothy Wilds, College Professor in North Carolina

“I just love the way Laura conducted the workshop – so much love, caring, attention to detail, clarity, and giving everyone the space and the time they needed.” Amir, Actor in Germany

“I am excited about the applications of Alba to coaching, particularly with people who have habitual moods, to provide an access to new ways of being and acting.” Robert Fertman, Ontological Coach in Pennsylvania

“Laura you are a very skilled and attentive facilitator and you have created a wonderful environment in which to experience Alba. I will no doubt use Alba both in my practice and in my life. “ Lisa Dveris, counselor and social worker in Canada

“I feel tremendously excited at the prospect of using the work to assist me, and to encourage my practice to expand. This work has such a profound and accessible quality that could assist so many people. “ Louise Siversen, Professional Actress in Australia

“This was life changing! It was one of the best works of my life!” Michael, a professional actor in Washington, D.C.

“Thank you for a life-changing experience. I am processing with deep appreciation.”  Becky Morgan, a Theatre teacher in North Carolina

  1. Hi Laura,

    I’ve just come to finish a nice theater production in Montreal in which I used a lot of my Alba Emoting tools…It is wonderful when I had to laugh for three minutes each night in a specific moment of the play…no stress!!!!
    Hope you are well,

    Isabelle Leclerc

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