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The Alba of  Emotions,  by Dr. Susana Bloch, is now available as a Kindle e-book found on!


1) Books that include full chapters on Alba Emoting

Theatre, Dance and Performance Training (Volume 1, Issue 2, Sept 2010) Alba Emoting and Emotional Melody: Surfing the Emotional Wave in Cachagua, Chile written by Jessica M. Beck. Routledge Press.

Acting (Re)Considered: A Theoretical and Practical Guide edited by Phillip Zarrilli. Routledge (1995).
   -Contains a chapter entitled “Effector Patterns of Basic Emotions: A Psychophysiological Method for Training Actors” by Susana Bloch, Pedro Orthous and Guy Santibanez-H

Performer Training: Developments Across Cultures edited by Ian Watson. Harwood Academic Publishers (2001).
   -Contains a chapter entitled “Alba Emoting: A Revolution in Emotion for the Actor” by Roxane Rix

Method Acting Reconsidered: Theory, Practice, Future edited by David Krasner.
St. Martin’s Press (2000).
   -Contains a chapter entitled “Emotion Training and the Mind/Body Connection: Alba Emoting and the Method” by Pamela D. Chabora

Action! Acting Lessons for CG Animators by John Kundert-Gibbs and Kristin Kundert-Gibbs. Wiley Publishing, Inc. (2009).
   -Contains a chapter entitled “Alba Emoting”

2) Books that have noteworthy mentions

TEAM for Actors: A Holistic Approach to Embodied Acting by Laura Bond (2012)

Restoration of Breath: Consciousness and Performance by Sreenath Nair
Rodopi (2007).

The Actor, Image and Action: Acting and Cognitive Neuroscience by Rhonda Blair.
Routledge (2008).
The Voice in Violence: Essays on Voice and Speech edited by Rocco Dal Vera and VASTA (The Voice and Speech Trainers Association). A publication of the Voice & Speech Trainers Association, 2001.
   -Brief mention in an article entitled “The Voice in Heightened Affective States” by Rocco Dal Vera

3) Books that briefly mention Alba Emoting (one or two lines)

Acting Emotions: Shaping Emotions On Stage by Elly A. Konijn. Amsterdam University Press (2000)*
Stanislavsky in Focus by Sharon Marie Carnicke. Harwood Academic Publishers (1998).
Sonia Moore and American Acting Training: With a Sliver of Wood in Hand by Suzanne Trauth and Elizabeth C. Stroppel. (2005)
Reframing Screen Performance by Cynthia L. Baron and Sharon Marie Carnicke
University of Michigan Press (2008).

Current Approaches in Drama Therapy by David Read Johnson, Penny Lewis

Ideologies of Emotion by Patricia Marie Gallagher. (2000).
Book on Acting: Improvisation Technique for the Professional Actor in Film, Theater, and  Television by Stephen Book.
   -mentions Viola Spolin’s experience with Alba

(4) Articles About Alba Emoting

Alba Emoting: A Collection of Articles by Susana Bloch and Colleagues, edited by Hyrum Conrad (CL4).

Many of the articles listed below can be found in this collection, available only by direct order ($25 USD):

Hyrum Conrad
286 Marianne Drive
Rexburg, ID 83440

Bloch, Susana. “Alba Emoting: A Psychophysiological Technique to Help Actors Create and Control Real Emotions.”
Theatre Topics 3:2 (1993)

Bloch, Susana, and Madeleine Lemignan. “Precise respiratory-posturo-facial
patterns are related to specific basic emotions” BEWEGEN & HULPVERLENING 1992/1 31-40

Bloch, Susana, Madeleine Lemeignan and Nancy Aguilera-T. “Specific respiratory patterns distinguish among human basic emotions.”
International Journal of Psychophysiology 11 (1991)

Bloch, Susana, Pedro Orthous and Guy Santibanez-H.
“Effector Patterns of Basic Emotions: A psychophysiological method for training actors.” Reprinted in _Acting Re]Considered: Theories and Practices_. (Zarilli, Philip B., ed.), Routledge, 1994.

   --Note: This early article refers to Alba Emoting as the "BOS Method", the original name for the system.

Rix, Roxane. “Learning Alba Emoting,” Theatre Topics 8:1 (1998), Johns Hopkins U. Press



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